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Description Code
Wireless Pendant. (RDU-03+Pendant) The RDU plugs into a call point, which is activated when the resident pushes the button on the cordless/wireless pendant worn around their neck. Wireless Pendant Alert
RDU-03 Plugs straight into call points and allows some wireless products to activate call point RDU-03
Wireless Pendant with Lanyard. Works with all wireless Smart Caller call points. Otherwise requires an RDU-03. Also available as wristband pendant. BP-PET-304-GRA
Barrel Grip Pendant nurse call buzzer, has 3m cord and red button. Barrelgrip-PC
Pendant Cord nurse call buzzer with 'tear drop' shape, 3m cord and green button. PC731-3M
Standard Pendant one button nurse call buzzer with 3m cord. 951027-2A-3M
Pendant Cord 2 button (alarm & light switch button) nurse call buzzer. 951027-2-3M
Pressure Pad (paddle) Cord Pendant. Suit hand, arm or knee operation K3820-2M
Single Button Waterproof Silicon Cord Pendant antibacterial nurse call buzzer. MED-NC1R-01
Two Button Waterproof Silicon Cord Pendant: antibacterial with alarm & light switch button. MED-NC2R-01
Entertainment Handset. This hospital handset has nurse-call, light switch and TV controls PEH-01
Double Adapter, allows use of 2 items (such as pendant and floor mat) through one call point. ADAP-02
Triple Adapter, allows use of 3 items through one call point. ADAP-03
Extension Lead. Extends range of cord pendants/floor mats etc with a 1 meter length lead. EXT-LEAD-1M
Extension Lead. Extends range of cord pendants/floor mats etc with a 2 meter length lead. EXT-LEAD-2M
Extension Lead. Extends range of cord pendants/floor mats etc with a 3 meter length lead. EXT-LEAD-3M
GCORD-01 Allows hard-wired/wireless monitor to send calls through call points, 30cm length lead. GCORD-01-30c
GCORD-01 Allows hard-wired/wireless monitor to send calls through call points, 1m length lead. GCORD-01-1M
Out of Bed PIR Sensor: fit near floor level on wall at the head of the bed. Plugs into a call point & has a narrow beam that runs the length of the bed. On/off switch near the call point (01 model) without switch (02 model). Easy to install and move from room to room. BedExit-Pir-01
Wireless Out of Bed PIR Sensor: As above but wireless. Used with Smart Caller systems or requires RDU-03 for other nurse call systems. BedExit-Pir-304-01/02
Restraint Seatbelt for people in chairs/wheelchairs with disconnect alarm. Requires: hard-wired monitor (BME-01 or BMS-01) EzySeatbelt
Pull String Monitor. String connects to resident with a sturdy safety clip and the other end to the monitor with a magnet. When the magnet releases an alarm is activated. Requires GCORD-01 for alarm to go through a nurse call system. PSM-01
Hard-wired Chair Pad. Requires hard-wired monitor (BME-01or BMS-01) BPSC-01
Hard-wired Bed Pad. Requires hard-wired monitor (BME-01 or BMS-01) BPLB-01
Hard-wired Monitor. Alarm unit for Chair or Bed pads. Requires GCORD-01 for alarm to go through a nurse call system. BME-01
Hard-wired Monitor. As above but requires a Caregiver key (CK-01) to reset monitor. BMS-01
Caregiver Key. Magnetic key that resets an alarm so resident cannot reset monitor. CK-01
Soft Cover for BME-01 or BMS-01 NBC-01
Metal Wall Bracket for BME-01 or BMS-01 MB-01
Metal Bed Rail Bracket. 2 piece brackets for bed rail mounting for BME-01 and BMS-01. MB-02
Metal Bracket that attaches soft covers for monitors to bed rails. MB3
Floor Sensor Mat. Plugs straight into call point. MaxiMat-01
Floor Sensor Mats x 8 units as above mats MaxiMat-01 x 8
Fold-able Floor Sensor Mat with connection harness (attached socket) for use with pendant cords etc, no need for double adapters. Available June 2013
Wireless Chair Pad. Requires transmitter (CL433-TX-V5) and monitor (CBM-02). CCP-01
Wireless Bed Pad. Requires transmitter (CL433-TX-V5) and monitor (CBM-02). CBP-01
Wireless floor mat. Requires transmitter (CL433-TX-V5) and monitor (CBM-02). MAXI-MAT-CL
Transmitter. Battery unit that sends alarm from wireless pads/mats to monitor (CBM-02). CL-433-TX-V5
Wireless monitor for wireless pads/mats. Requires GCORD-01 for alarm to go through nurse call system. CBM-02
Soft cover for CBM-02 NBC-02
Power Supply for all monitors. HP3-PP
Doorway Monitor. Wireless PIR used on the upper door: has a beam straight down which is activated when anyone passes through the door. Compatible with Smart Caller nurse call system requires a RDU-03 for all other nurse call systems. BedExit-Pir-304-02
Door Alert Strip that detects transmitters (TX-02) when in range or door is opened. Can be a 'stand alone' system or wired into existing nurse call system. DMS-02
Dual Door Alert Strips. For larger doorways or double doors you will require a door strip both sides. DMS-02-dual
Wristband Transmitter for wandering residents. Lightweight + shower proof. Will trigger door strip alarms when resident in range or opens that particular door. Requires CK-01 to activate/deactivate. TX-02
Reset Transmitter. Worn by carer's either on wrist or around neck to reset the alarm. TXR-02
Reset Button for nurse's station if door strips are wired through nurse call system. CANCEL-SW