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IP Nurse Call System


For the past 3 years Smart Caller has been judged the 'Best in the Nurse Call Systems Business' with 3 consecutive Annual Industry Awards.


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Our LARGEST NODE (or to use old technology: Legacy system, an Area Controller) accommodates up to 128 inputs. These inputs are largely hard-wired call points along with their input wireless trigger capability and heartbeat monitoring pulses.


Door Reed Switches; Air Conditioning; Refrigeration Alerts; Passenger Lift Alerts; Dementia specific: Wandering Resident Sensors; Duress and Occupational Health Safety Devices; Resident Distress Monitoring: Personal Pendants; In fact everything can connect to the Node, including the front door bell!

Our MINI NODE is the smallest accommodating up to 12 inputs and 6 outputs. Simply connect a Mini Node to the Local Area Network (LAN) and enter the details in the server as a database.

Best suits an inexpensive solution where a Larger Node is not justified or to totally satisfy the requirements of a small system, to extend or to work around problems with existing 'old technology' nurse call systems.


Almost 10 times more Aged Care Facilities are undergoing expansion plans than there are plans for new facilities. Rather than these facilities extending the use of old technology the Blue Line IP system provides the ability to capture those old systems into its modern IP environment. Which it can do with almost no cabling costs and in most cases without the need to change existing working call points.

BLANK COVERS for module slots offers scope for future expansions and gives flexibility which is another major benefit of adopting a 'plug and play' system concept.

PLUG & PLAY DELIVERY TO SITE. Smart Caller prefers to dispatch nodes completely pre-assembled, pre-programmed, pre-sales tested and supplied as a true 'plug and play' system or sub system.

Simply hang the cabinet on its wall bracket, connect power and its battery leads and connect the LAN and the RJ45 connections from the rooms and its ready for action.

OUR MOST TYPICAL CONFIGURATION. As an example it is typical to fit 4 of the 16 input plug and play IP control modules providing a total of 64 inputs and because the client understandably wants to accommodate system expandability we used an 8 slot frame instead of a 4 slot frame (the difference in price is negligible).

In terms of also accommodating future system flexibility and upgrades there is a wide range of optional plug and play modules some of which are Analogue to Digital Gateways designed to provide the connection of non IP devices and others to provide outward control of connected devices both within or external to the node.

WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONAL PLUG & PLAY MODULES. Here we show a couple of alternative modules, being the multiple solid state and relay switching versions, one having 16 low power transistor switches and the other having eight 10Amp rated power switching relays.


The benefits of using Internet Protocol technology lies primarily in the ability for the system to deliver extremely fast, both-way data and speech communication along our single Mission Critical path or LAN.

Internet Protocol technology is used in the delivery of commands to operate other equipment such as:

  • Doors
  • Lights
  • Alarm Alerts
  • Environmental Temperature Controls

There is no question that IP is now the preferred protocol, providing that we don't take that technology outside its comfort zone as so often happens, to the detriment of system reliability and in consequential maintenance costs. We are most conscious of this harmful possibility in our Blue Line system design.


If it is ever required to replace a module it's merely a matter of carrying out what's known as a 'HOT SWAP' changeover module replacement. There is no need to turn off the power or to make adjustments or to modify local or central equipment programming, it's all automatic. However it is highly unlikely that there will be cause to remove one of these IP control modules.

This is because they have isolated connections and have an official and certified Reliability Rating or what is known as an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of 200,000 hours or the equivalent of 23 years. In fact the total system has nothing less than a 50,000 (6 year) MTBF, this being the rating of our fully solid state System Server, or computer.

It has isolated input connections and no high voltage circuits or moving parts to wear out and it uses a special Windows professional and embedded operating system.?Unlike other IP based systems our Node to call point cable lengths can be up to 500M without the need to boost the signal or power levels.

As those cables are not bouncing low level data back and forth, they offer extreme immunity to induced interference from other cables or equipment or from power surges or lightning activity. This is the key issue in maintaining highest possible system reliability.


As with all our call point variants (of which there are many) they all possess anti-fungal and antibacterial soft touch silicon buttons and the call buttons are back lit.?The Resident's call button also has a Braille letter 'N' for Nurse. It also gives an acknowledgement beep then flashes in synchronization with over door lights at the appropriate rate until cancelled.

The waterproof call points also have silicon encapsulated circuits providing the highest possible protection against the ingress of absolutely anything. One of Paul's regular sayings in relation to nurse-call systems is "Hard-wired for 'Reliability' and Wireless for 'Flexibility'".

We therefore also have identical range of call-points which are not hard-wired but are stick-on wireless versions delivering the normal Call, Cancel and Nurse Assist call traffic. "As I said, Wireless for Flexibility". All of our call-points also include Staff Assist by pressing the call and cancel buttons simultaneously, this technique unbeknown to the Resident who would otherwise accidentally or intentionally be inclined to press the wrong button thereby falsely generating a high priority Staff Assist Call. Staff Assist call-points are also available as is necessary for Hospital applications.

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Special and Valuable Benefit - Wireless Trigger of Call-Points

There is also the ability to trigger the hard-wired call points via a 'hands free' or wireless pendant. This ability is included as standard to all Blue Line call points except for waterproof call points where it is not supplied as standard but is possible. This allows the use of a personal wireless pendant and/or perhaps one of the many cordless bedside or room accessories such as Bed Exit, Room Exit, Bed Wet, Pacing and other similar behavioural detection sensors.

Get rid of wires and cables around the bed

Having plug packs and cables around a Resident or Patient's bed is a thing of the past and can now be avoided.


It has Repeat and Escalate calling plus a host of other facilities. It's also possible to call up a Resident's Personal Information Display which is handy to give up to date Resident Care Plan instructions to Nursing and Carer staff, in particular to New or Agency Staff. The Winwatch software's internal processing functions include, Call logging, Call handling, plus the real time exporting of 'Selected Events' or periodic exporting of 'Logged Events' - all as standard facilities. It has 'three dimensional reporting' which, for example, allows the linking of such things as Events, People and Locations.

Care-plan Management

It all goes to assist in Care-plan management and proving 'Duty of Care' performance in order to optimize revenue opportunities. The vast functionality of, and the ever-growing range of Winwatch software enhancements is beyond the scope of this presentation but is available in the Winwatch handbook which is based on a 'Screen Grab' format.


Dementia specific room management systems, both Hard-wired and wireless, The 'SmartTrack' Duress and person tracking and location system, The IPX Soft-switch or SIP Server option providing corded and cordless VoIP (Voice over IP) communication. Which we can also incorporate within the Nurse-call Server DECT voice and Intercom system offerings. ILU Emergency-Call solutions including those for the NBN influenced Retirement Village sector. Plus a range of short video presentations showing how to deploy a wide range of bedside accessories covering everything from bed exit to detecting epileptic fits. BlueLine-IP system and its Winwatch software program are being continually enhanced to include even more new and leading edge facilities.


Nurse Call Systems shot10BlueLine's ability to include VoIP (Voice over IP) and/or DECT portable and fixed two-way voice communication. These voice to voice options can even include Fixed Location Intercom Units within rooms and various communal locations such as Nurse Stations, the Spa or Swimming pool areas. In this respect it's possible to simply connect IP Intercom units to the LAN or, if the site includes a DECT communication infrastructure to use the alternative DECT Intercom units where two-way communication is via wireless via the nearest DECT wireless base units. You will notice that these units also have full Nurse-Call capability in terms of call, cancel, assist, over- door light control and so on thereby making it possible to create a total or partial nurse-call system with two way speech from these optional components.


Is this nurse call system expensive? If you think that what we've shown looks to be expensive, perish the thought! It's no more expensive to install or to extend those old existing 'old legacy' systems. Also due to its plug and play concept and its MTBF reliability ratings this system costs no more and probably less to maintain. It also has all the necessary stepping stones to ensure absolute future proofing. It's been suggested that the BlueLine-IP system offers "twice the smarts for half the price". This may be an exaggeration but you are welcome to put it to the test.