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Supporting your staff during their working day

EkoTek is a reliable, wireless alerting and monitoring nurse call system specifically designed to help organisations assist those members of staff working in challenging environments. By using the EkoTek system staff members, who feel they need to summon assistance can do so with discretion. Departments such as Accident and Emergency, can be considered as potential flashpoint areas, where assistance from other members of staff may be required should your medical staff be at risk. By a simple press of a button, help is called for, the precise location of the incident is known and designated personnel can go directly to the disturbance and help diffuse the situation.

Confident that assistance is on its way

Should a call for help be made, the caller can receive a message back letting them know that their request for support has been acknowledged and that help is on the way. This information gives the initial caller the comfort that they are not alone which not only reduces the stress factor when working in challenging environments, it allows actions to difuse the situation to occur without being inhibited by the need to summon help.

Ensure help is in the correct location

It is vital that assistance is given in the right place, at the right time. When an alert is raised, the alarm and location information is sent to designated colleagues or team members so they can go directly to the disturbance, saving valuable time and resources.

How can EkoTek benefit your organisation?

  • Efficient means of calling for assistance
  • Identifiable location of incidents so you do not waste time finding where the call for help is located
  • Focus on the situation, knowing support will be there if it is needed
  • Efficient use of your staff's time as help is directed to the location of the incident
  • Reduce absence due to stress which reduces costs and resourcing issues
  • Documentation of incidents is made easier with EkoTek's reporting functionality

Creating Zones

As well as summoning support EkoTek can also be used to identify if an area that has been identified as a potential risk, i.e. pharmacy, kitchen or backdoor, has been entered. Patients, such as those with dementia, can wear a small fob. They can wonder around the premises or care home at will, but should they wonder into a risk zone an alert can be sent to a person of authority who can then guide the patient from the potential hazard zone without creating a disturbance.

By creating zones the patients have the freedom to carry out standard day-to-day activities and live in a relaxed atmosphere more akin to their home environment whilst families have the peace of mind that their relatives are safe.

How does EkoTek work

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The EkoTek system is a wireless radio-based alarm system and is designed to provide simple access to nearby support. The system comprises of a number of end user devices, pagers and fobs; a network hub; and a network of repeaters. These repeaters create a mesh-network within your premises and detect where a person, wearing a device is within a defined location, i.e. a specific area of a large building, or the entire premises. The number of pagers, fobs and repeaters required is dependent upon the size of the location you wish to monitor.

At the heart of the EkoTek system is Multitone's hub which monitors the usage of the entire nurse call system.

Call fob

The call fob allows an assistance call to be generated either by the user pressing a button, or automatically by the dead-man or man-down features. Accurate location is obtained from repeaters which can then report the user's location to an operator as well as nearby team members.

Snatch cord pager

The 2-way snatch cord pager is multi-functional with the ability to generate an alarm from the button, snatch cord (panic), dead-man or man-down features. The snatch cord pager display shows alarms from other snatch cord pagers and call fobs, allowing the user to accept the alarm and signal back to confirm that assistance is on its way, or state they are unable to assist.


The hub is the nurse call system's central control unit. It displays assistance call messages, showing the calling user and location using a simple computer; device configuration is performed, statistics and logs collected and stored, pager messages are created, allowing messages to be sent to individual or groups of pagers and locations displayed to allow fob or pager users to be located.


The repeater automatically forms a mesh radio network, relaying messages to and from the hub. Repeaters are battery powered removing the need for any wiring, making installation very quick and low cost. Each repeater provides a location beacon signal for accurate location determination for alarm signals and also for tracking. Pull-cord and alarm button models are also available to produce a variety of networks from small departmental to large multi floor, multi building systems. The EkoTek nurse call system may be extended with additional repeaters at any time.